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Четверг, 22 апреля 2021 02:32

Информация о группе Violet Cold

Азербайджан, Баку

Стиль: Atmospheric Black / Post-Black / Shoegaze

Статус: Активная   [ 2013 - ... ]


La Petite Mort (2013)Acrophobia (2014)Ayahuasca (2014)Baku Nights (2014)Desman (2014)Faraway, so Close! (2014)Grey Cloud (2014)I Wanna Get High (2014)Infected Cells (2014)Light at the End of the Beginning (2014)Lilu (2014)Liquefied (2014)My Journey to Your Space (2014)Powder (2014)Sad.Devastated.Sleepless (2014)She Spoke of Her Devastation (2014)Space Shuttle (2014)Veil of Future (2014)Village Intelligentsia (2014)Void (2014)Личинки Страха (2014)Astral Suicide (2015)Desperate Dreams (2015)Everything You Can Imagine Is Real... (2015)Jamais Vu (2015)Red Ocean (2015)Magic Night (2016)Neuronaut (2016)Anomie (2017)Random Memories Channel (2017)Sommermorgen (Pt. I) - Innocence (2018)Sommermorgen (Pt. II) - Joy (2018)Sommermorgen (Pt. III) - Nostalgia (2018)Kosmik (2019)Noir Kid (2020)